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"We had a general idea of what we liked but we were "stuck" on certain decisions and decided to call in a professional.  Joanne, The Color Coach of Phoenix, did a fantastic job!"
"The Color Coach helped me select paint colors for my home.  It was the best money I have ever spent.  Joanne was amazing, the service fantastic and the color palette was stunning . I highly recommend her."

Paint It Right... The First Time 

Have you just made the decision to freshen up the look of your home or business?  Maybe you've already invested in flooring or cabinets but cannot make a decision on what paint colors to use.  Perhaps you have lived in a white or beige environment long enough and you just need a change.  Great, so what color are you going to use? 


Choosing the "perfect" paint color that ties everything together can be a mind numbing process.  We completely understand the frustration of going to the paint store, gathering paint samples you think are perfect, putting swatches on the wall and time after time nothing looks like you thought it would. 


Well, take a deep breath... that's what we do!


With a one time appointment, The Color Coach® will be there to help tie all of those expensive investments together with the thing that you live with every day... the color of your walls!   With our help you can Paint It Once and Paint It Right... The First Time!

The Color Selection Process

So, what's involved in the color selection process?  We come to your home or business and discuss the colors you love and especially those that you don't.  We'll find out what furniture, artwork and fabrics are key elements in each room and show you colors that will coordinate all of these elements in your home.  

After the consultation, you'll receive a room-by-room portfolio of your colors .  The colors selected  will result in your personal color palette that brings a greater style and flow to your home!  For more details, see What We Do

Paint It Once - Paint It Right

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Choosing paint colors can be mind numbing... let The Color Coach do it for you!